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Archana Squeezing her boobs



Sweet SExy hot ArChanA…just comment guys …where are u all guys yar…..

Archana Archana





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Meet Nepal’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.  We feature some of the most desirable, popular, talented, influential and successful names from the media, sports, entertainment and the corporate world! Check them out!

Why we love her
For her sweetest smile that men vouch to have melted their heart. And her attractive tom-boyish nature with abilities to quickly transform into one elegantly sophisticated creature is well…simply too alluring.

Zenisha Moktan

19-year-old Zenisha Moktan sky rocketed her popularity quotient after being featured in the hit song “ Mai Thuli Bhae Chhu Rey” and since then there has been no looking back. There will be very less in the name of guys who wouldn’t wanna date this charming teen queen. Our super sweet super hot country’s most sought after model is therefore our featured most eligible bachelorette.

Ripe-O-Meter  Result for Zenisha Moktan = Ripe n Ready
[ Ripe-O-Meter indicates the eligibility for marriage as per the person’s age. ]

Friends call you
bokshi, heroine, nakkali and zaan ofcourse!!!

You came to this world in
the 27th of may 1989


Star Sign

Profession/ Occupation
student and freelance model !!

Position/s (If applicable)
student and freelance model !!

Organization/s (If applicable)
Wigan and Leigh College Nepal

Educatioal Qualification:
2nd semester business undergraduation.

Personal Profile (Describe yourself):
oh im so typically zenisha!!! i havent found the right words to describe myself till date!!! but if i give it a shot…muss be…im quite happy in my own skin, i love my friends and family to death…im a very social person!!! im a complete foodie and the laziest person ever…i dont know how to cook and make my bed myself till now but i master in watching movies and reading bollywood gossip!!! well im a gossip queen…personal. local, national and international!!! dud dud!! i like to be my class’ first student or else im quite laid back….ooofff…i dunno how to describe myself…lets leave it here!!!

What are you passionate about?
I’m verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy passionate about taking pictures of myself…i dun think i love anything and anyone else more than i love myself!!!

What physical attributes of the opposite sex attract you?
Physique fo sure…i like men who stand tall…and though it may sound weird…i like guys with clean fingers and toes and the nails in them!!!

And who would you pick for the tag of sexiest man alive?
Somebody i would not like to disclose publicly…cuz you never know what cud happen!!!

From 1 to 10 rate your sex appeal :
6.5 honestly!!!
How much can you commit into a relationship?
I think i just said i love myself more than anyone else…so i can only commit to an extent where i can still love myself more than the “man”!!! so as long as my priorites and intrests are put on top…im commited!!! but hey i never cheat…n i never DOUBLE-TIME!!!!

You prefer men wearing?
What suits them best….like i love my mom in formal shirts and my lil sister in mini skirts!!!

Your idea of a romantic date?
Being with the person who means the most to you…then probably anything can be romantic…from like candle light dining to just watching a movie or solving a puzzle togeather!!!

What would you wear on a hot date?
A perrrrfect attitude…cuz anything worn without attitude can never look hot!!!!

Turn you on by?

It’s a date deal breaker when (what turns you off)?
Ugly feet, bad adour (body and mouth) and a wannabe attitude!!!

What you don’t understand about men?
It should be more like what i understand about men..NOTHING!!! i dont understand men at all…

Biggest misconception about women?

That not everybody is bitchy and a back-stabber!!!

According to you, marriage is:
Eternal. the destination. final. a must-have.

You believe in:
Choose One
• love marriage
• arranged marriage
• doesn’t matter
She chose : A mixture of love and arranged maybe…

And the reason?
bcuz dats what i’d want to have!!
You prefer
Choose One
same – caste marriage
any caste, doesn’t matter
She answered : Well my parents would love a “same caste” but as long as they are fine and i am happy…the caste should not really bother.

Qualities you seek in your life partner?
We can always go on and on listing points to answer this question but what i think is most important is that i should be able to have a certain chemistry with him and he should be able to stand by me at all times and love me immensly ofcourse!!! well but now i cannot help listing some points  myself hehe so here goes… from a respectable family and my family should be able to respect, chivalrous, senstive yet strong, supportive and caring,…blah blah…

What do you think is the best part of being unmarried?
Always having the choice to move on!!!!

What do you think would be the best part of being married?
Prolly the thought that you’re not one person anymore and no matter what happens u will always have this other person to take care of you!!! and maybe also being able tohave kids…wow!!!

What aspect of bachelorrette life would you wish to see it continue after tying the nuptials?
Freedom to make ones own decision…i think that sums it all..

Though we don’t talk about our sexual needs openly, we all know that sex plays important role in determining the relationship between partners. How would you describe your sexual preference:
Choose One
• partner who is just ok in bed (sex is not priority for him/her,
• takes it as a part of martial relationship)
• good in bed (knows pretty much about the regular stuff)
• wild in bed (experimental type)
She answered : Maybe just good in bed…option a) isnt a choice at all and u never know what cud happen wen getting experimental…wat if u break your hands, legs or your neck…ewww just the thought it scary lol:)

Your sexual fantasy:
I wouldn’t want to shre dat fo sure…wat if my fantasy bcumz aru ko pani fantasy???? its too special and unique to be shared heheh

How important is it for you for your life partner to be a virgin?
I always wanted to be a virgin for my life partner and i hope dat happens….but he a virgin??? welll i dunno…im not too sure about what i want…cuz uuummm…lets just say its not really important fo da guy…maybe u know y…winkzzzz**

Your favorite sexual position.
U actually expect me to answer dat????? u know ure not getting it!!!

Would you forgive your partner if you caught him cheating on you?And the reason why.
I would NEVER forgive him!!!! i just cant take the fact that the person id give everything to would have to move to sbd else…gawd…id get dead jealous of the other girl so id just never be able to forgive him!!!
And what about you, would you expect to be forgiven if your partner found you cheating on him?
I’m a very loyal person…seriously!!! ive never cheated even on the guys ive just dated casually…just the thought doesnt sound gud to me!!! i dun think i ever wud cheat in the first place…but if sth like dat happens…i wudnt expect him to forgive me either!!!!

Finally, Any thing you’d like to say to all those solo femmes reading your profile right now?
Hahaha….i think u shud now get zenisha outha heads cuz the questions are over and move on wit ya life hehehe!!!!

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Name : Zenisha Moktan
Birth Place: Kathmandu
Star Sign : Gemini


Height : 5 Feet 6 Inchs
Weight : 54 KG
Chest : 33 Inches
Waist : 25 Inches
Hips : 38 Inches
Skin Color: Wheatish
Eye Color : Black
Hair Color: Black
Modeling Started in: 2005
Your Occupation: Student
Contests/Pageants Participated: Miss Tamang
Titles won in Contests/Pageants: Miss Tamang


Hobbies and Interests:
Swimming, Horse Riding, Scuba Diving, Playing Volleyball and Lawn Tennis.

Favourite Movies:
Tum Tum, Tarry Potter, Walk to Remember, Lord of the Rings, hera pheri and more….

Favourite Music Artists:
Nepsydaz, Shakira, J.lo,…

Favourite Foods:
Burgers, Pizza’s and everything italian!!

Favourite Pastime:
Day dreaming, Shopping and Dancings to da beats of hip hop music!!!

Wackiest thing you have ever done:
Kicked an auto driver while riding a bike and ran away as fast as the wind!!!

What attracts you to the opposite sex:
Intelligence, Sense of humour, Attitude towards women, Gud appearance and dress up!

On blind date you would go out with:
Prince williams of wales!!

Qualities that you look in your life partner:
Gud family background and character,patient, understanding and somebody who respects my family suits me!!!

Favourite outfit:
Anything denim!!!

Best compliment you have received:
I’ve often heard people saying “there are no words gud enough to describe zenisha” so maybe i cant write the best comlpliment i have recieved in WORDS!!

Your aim in life:
Become an economist…join politics and do wonders in nepal..for the people…for the country!!!

Anything that you want to tell about yourself:
I’m confident in everything i do,i respect everybody’s opinion before my own view and I’m friendly and can make any environment comfortable!!

Do you use the net?
If yes, how often do you use and for what purposes.

Your favourite websites:
Spend a minimum of 2 hours daily chatiing, checking out new sites and searching for prank games to play on innocent people!!!

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Zenisha Moktan

Miss Nepal

Contestant Number: 36

I am a very ordinary girl with extra-ordinary dreams and the power and determination to fulfill it all. Iâ??m energetic, full of determination and very soft at heart. Iâ??m even gullible and trust people easily and love adventure sports. I like the feeling of being a leader and work hard to strive for it.
Swimming, traveling, reading, any adventure sport like Bungee jumping and skydiving are some of my hobbies.

What are your short-term or long-term career goals?
Currently, I aim to complete my â??Aâ?? levels with 5 Aâ??s and top the world in my major subject. On a long-term basis, I inspire to become the national economist or the editor of my own media house and make my voice heard to the masses of the country.

What is the reason behind joining Miss Teen Nepal, cultural talent show?
I have always viewed â??Miss Teen Nepal, the cultural talent showâ?? as a platform for the teenagers to polish their talents, explore their level of creativity and to boost their personality. Being another teenager with big dreams, Iâ??m here to do the same. And at the end of the contest I hope to see a more confident, expressive and enthusiastic Zenisha.

Why should you be crowned Miss Teen Nepal 2006?
I have the confidence and the ability to represent, lead, encourage and stand up for the Nepali teenagers.Fashion for you isâ?¦?
Being comfortable and wearing clothes which suit you. One should be able to carry oneself with poise and personality.

Power of Teenagers?
The youth of today is the future of tomorrow. So, the teenagers have the power to change, mould and alter the future of our country.

Lastly, why should you be voted?
To all the viewers of friendsandtrends.com, youâ??ve surely checked we out already and by now I can pretty much guess you guys want to vote, right?? So go onâ?¦ This girl is not going to let any of you downâ?¦ Thanks !

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hot video of nepali model

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Miss Nepal Contestant 2008

Contestant No. 15
Name Zenisha Moktan
Address Kathmandu
Age 19 years
Height 5’6″
Education Undergraduate

Contestant No. 19
Name Richa Thapa
Address Kathmandu
Age 22 years
Height 5’4″
Education Bachelor in Business Administration

Contestant No. 1
Name Priya Adhikari
Address Kathmandu
Age 22 years
Height 5’4″
Education Undergraduate

Contestant No. 2
Name Sunaimi Limbu
Address Dharan, Sunsari
Age 21 years
Height 5’6″
Education Bachelor of Business

Contestant No. 3
Name Isha Khadki
Address Birgunj, Parsa
Age 22 years
Height 5’4″
Education BBS

Contestant No. 4
Name Shubham Amatya
Address Lalitpur
Age 20 years
Height 5’5″
Education Undergraduate (Socail work; St. Xavier’s College)

Contestant No. 5
Name Miasa Shrestha
Address Kathmandu
Age 19 years
Height 5’5″
Education A-Level

Contestant No. 6
Name Geeta Neupane
Address Sindhupalchow
Age 23 years
Height 5’5″
Education Masters (Undergoing)

Contestant No. 7
Name Namuna KC
Address Pokhara, Kaski
Age 23 years
Height 5’8″
Education BBA (Undergoing)

Contestant No. 8
Name Devaki Adhikari
Address Thori, Parsa

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21 years
Height 5’5″
Education Undergraduate Student

Contestant No. 9
Name Nisha Adhikari
Address Kathmandu
Age 21 years
Height 5’4.5″
Education A-level

Contestant No. 10
Name Pranayna KC
Address Lalitpur
Age 19 years
Height 5’7.5″
Education Undergraduation

Contestant No. 11
Name Akriti Shrestha
Address Kathmandu
Age 20 years
Height 5’4.5″
Education Bachelors in Commerce

Contestant No. 12
Name Usha Rajak
Address Lalitpur
Age 22 years
Height 5’4″
Education Graduate

Contestant No. 13
Name Padmini Jha
Address Saptari
Age 22 years
Height 5’4.5″
Education Bachelor in Arts

Contestant No. 14
Name Pragya Pokharel
Address Bhaktapur
Age 22 years
Height 5’6″
Education Undergraduate

Contestant No. 16
Name Sunita Ghimire
Address Dharan, Sunsari
Age 23 years
Height 5’5″
Education Undergraduate

Contestant No. 17
Name Smriti Vaidya
Address Lalitpur
Age 24 years
Height 5’4″
Education Graduate (Mass Communication Major and Business Management)

Contestant No. 18
Name Sahana Bajracharya
Address Kathmandu
Age 19 years
Height 5’5.5″
Education Intermediate

Contestant No. 20
Name Aliza Giri
Address Kathmandu
Age 19 years
Height 5’4.5″
Education Intermediate (Management)


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Sexy Model SUNITA

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